Welcome to our sussex marquee blog

Welcome to our sussex marquee blog

Welcome to our sussex marquee blog, You’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise, given the ‘slight drizzle’ and single-digit temperatures sweeping the UK right now, but wedding season is upon us, and at Raise The Roof Marquees, things are hotting up!

Never heard of us?

It’s more than understandable, as we’ve actually been trading across Sussex, Surrey and Kent for the past 2 years as ESL Marquees. At the time of setting up, we liked the cute aspect of using our initials to brand our family business – Emma, Simon and Lacey (our little girl). But, we’re growing, we’re evolving, and we’re here to offer marquee hire and more for any event you choose to plan (not just weddings), so it’s time for a re-brand. It’s time to raise the roof!

I hope that our new name makes sense and that it really speaks to our clients – existing and new. If you’re after hiring a marquee – and perhaps dressing and stocking one too – for your next event, then we want you to be certain that your celebration is going to have impact as a result.

As we raise the roof on your event, we raise the bar on what it means to provide exceptional service to our clients. Weddings, corporate events, celebrations, parties… there’s no reason why your next event can’t be enhanced by being hosted in one of our bespoke marquees. In fact, this very blog exists to show you what we can do, how we work, and what’s making an impact in the world of event planning.
Have a look on our new website at www.raisetheroofmarquees.co.uk for info, ideas and inspiration, and feel free to give us a call if you need us. There’s a nice little page about our family on there, so you can be sure you’re dealing with real people as well as true professionals.

Remember that all of our marquee creations are completely bespoke, both inside and out, so although you may have an idea of something you’ve already seen that you like, we’ll be there to give you a gentle nudge (or an almighty shove) to make sure that you’re getting a marquee that’s fully personal for what you like, what you need, and what impression you want to make.

Simply want to hire a marquee from us?

Great. We’ll measure up and set up before leaving you with a marquee that’s as sturdy and safe as it is stunning and spectacular.

Want more from your marquee hire?

Fantastic. I’m a Wedding and Event Planner by profession, so I can dress and stock your marquee with everything from flooring to lighting and chairs to catering. Can you have a bar in your marquee, I hear you ask? Oh yes you can! A blank canvas is both literally and metaphorically only the start.

If being wowed by a marquee is what you want for your guests but you’re a little apprehensive about having substance to match your style, you can hire me as your on-the-day planner for your event. If you’re in the counties of Sussex, Surrey or Kent, I’ll work with you to make your celebration the one everyone talks about for years to come – for all the right reasons!
I hope you’re ready to raise the roof at your next event, because we’re ready to raise the bar. And with that in mind, I’ll drink to that!
Emma, Simon and Lacey x

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