When to book a marquee

When to book a marquee

The beautiful proposal happened and you’re engaged. Congratulations!

But the biggest question your asking yourself is when to book your sussex marquee?

Your head is swirling with what your big day might look like and as you start to get lost in the details of planning your wedding, you both decide that you like the idea of an outdoor wedding. But while you don’t know exactly what you do want, you know that hay bales and bunting just are not your style. Another doubt is the weather. Which is never guaranteed, even at the height of Summer, so a marquee seems to be the safety blanket of choice. While a safety blanket is comforting in its own way, there really is no need for your marquee wedding to resemble a well loved and tatty quilt.

Your marquee should be one that wows you and your guests, and should be tailored to your individual vision. But where to start? As amazing as a blank canvas seems, it can also be terrifying. For many brides and grooms, the way to create their perfect day is to involve a wedding planner and events company like Raise the Roof Marquees and Events. This professional team know everything there is to know about weddings, parties, the best suppliers and even the small personalised details that will create smiles and memories, long after the dancing has stopped.

The average wedding takes between two hundred and fifty to three hundred hours to plan from start to finish. Let’s be honest. Life is hectic enough without having to find these extra hours to plan your wedding. Emma and Simon Turner, are the husband and wife team behind Raise the Roof Marquees and Events. They work with a whole team of trusted suppliers on a daily basis to bring weddings to life across Sussex and Kent. As well as magicking these extra hours into existence, you also get to adopt Emma as your new best friend until your big day is here. An extra cheeky little bonus, along with peace of mind and less stress.
Emma becomes your fairy godmother, your knight in shining Armour and your very own Wonder Woman all rolled into one! You need a person who you can rely on to listen to you, to guide you to the best solutions for your day and your budget, but also a person who is truly invested in your day. You will be spending a lot of time with your Planner, divulging personal details, and potentially needing a shoulder to cry on when it all becomes too much. So finding yourself a person who you click with, a person who you can laugh with, and a person who you trust with one of the biggest days in your life, is really important.
Whether it is over coffee, with mood boards and marker pens, or as simple as a phone call, Emma will start to work with you and your fiancé to get an idea of what you would like for your day. Usually this will start with a rough idea of budget and guest numbers for the day, a basic plan for tables, bar, dance floor, and potentially a venue, if you have one in mind. The great thing about marquees is that they can be as spacious as you need them to be. And they don’t need to be a stand along space. The Raise the Roof team work with many venues where the marquee can be used to expand the existing space of a venue. So if you have fallen in love with a venue that just does not fit your guest list, additional marquee space may mean that you can still keep the venue you want and entertain all your guests.
Planning and liaising with suppliers in your local area or further afield will mean that your wedding day vision will be bought to life by Emma. Each detail is researched and booked in over the weeks that build up to your big day and care is taken just as if it were her own wedding day. As your Wedding Planner, Emma will be talking with suppliers about your big day, while you are working, enjoying a coffee, running the kids to school, or while you are out grabbing a bite to eat. It will all be happening in the background. Hours of talking, emails and chasing. And as well as all this, Emma will ensure that budgets are kept up to date, and that deposits, installments and balance payments are kept on track as the weeks tick by, relieving yet another area of stress for many Brides and Grooms.

Emma x

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Its the little things when planning a marquee wedding in sussex

Its the little things when planning a marquee wedding in sussex

Its the little things when planning a marquee wedding in sussex that matter most and having a party or event to celebrate a milestone is always a great way to get your family and friends involved.

It’s a way to bring everyone closer together, enjoy some good food and spend quality time enjoying yourselves. A lot of the time when we create these events we focus a lot on how we want it to look, what we want to achieve from it and how we feel throughout the event.

It is important to also make sure that you are thinking about your guests for the event as well. They are taking time out of their busy lives to come and celebrate with you, so it is a good idea to try and make sure that they are comfortable and enjoying themselves as well.

Read below for our tips on a few small touches that you can add to your next event to make your guests a bit more comfortable.


Meal Arrangements

When you send out the invites to your event along with the RSVP card, it is a good idea to also add in a meal card where they can list any allergies or intolerances that they have and post it back to you.

This means that you will be able to request a meal for them that is suitable for them to be able to eat without any issues. The last thing you want is for everyone around a guest to be eating and them not able to because they can not tolerate the food in front of them.


Conversation Starters

At many events you will have family and friend from all over coming together. In alot of cases there may be people on the same table who do not know each other. A great way to help them become more comfortable at their table and get them chatting with the people around them is with conversation starters. Create conversation starters on small pieces of paper and have them in a bowl in the middle of the table. They then pick one out and read it to another person on the table. This gets them all talking and learning new things about each other.


Do the rounds

When you are hosting an event, it is always a good idea to do the rounds of the event and take the time to stop and chat with each person who has taken the time to come. This shows them how much you appreciate them and the effort they have put in to coming to celebrate with you.

It will also help them to feel more comfortable especially if they are on a table with people they do not know very well. A familiar, happy face and conversation will do wonders for their comfort levels.




Party flips not flops! 

We all know that an event means a chance for the ladies to get dressed up and make themselves look pretty. However once the night starts to progress the feeling of wearing high heels starts to wear off and regret starts to sink it (you know what I am talking about don’t you?)

Having a selection of new flipflops in a basket at the event is a great way to help everyone feel comfortable and help with getting them out on the dance floor.

You can even buy the flipflops in a colour matching the theme of your event so that they even look the part!


Photo Booth

Photo Booths are becoming very popular at events and for a great reason. They get every one up and having fun. You are able to go into the booth and choose different costumes, hats and signs to use in your photo. It gives them a chance to let loose and be comfortable. Each guest then gets their own copy of the photos which they can use to start a conversation back at the table before taking home to remember the event.


Remember when having an event it is important to think about the people that are going to be there celebrating with you. It is more than just ‘your day’ and ensuring everyone including you and your guests are enjoying themselves is going to make it just that much better.


Emma x

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How to theme your marquee wedding in sussex

How to theme your marquee wedding in sussex

Whether you are planning a birthday party, a wedding or an engagement party it is always a good idea to have a theme for the event. Having a set theme means that you are able to create an atmosphere and tone for the event that is not only fun but shows a piece of you throughout the theme. There are so many different themes that you can use for your next event. It can be as simple as a certain group of colours that you would like to use or you can go all out and do a theme that relates to something such as a movie or era in time. You can have a lot of fun with themes and it can make your event one not to forget.

But how do you pick a theme for your next event?



The first thing you need to do when it comes to choosing the theme for your wedding is to set your budget. Knowing what you have available to spend on the different aspects of your wedding will help to determine the theme that you are able to achieve. As much as we want to say the sky is the limit, especially if it is a wedding you are planning – you still need to work within your means and your budget for the event. You can still have a magical day without spending more than you can afford.


Choose your venue

The next step before choosing the theme for your event is to choose where you are going to have it. By choosing the venue first it will help you to determine what you can and can not do in the location. This can alter the type of theme that you are looking at having. There is a lot of set up and decoration involved with choosing a theme so you need to have a venue where you can do this set up and decoration without too much hassle. 


Think about yourself

This is your event (and your partners if it is a wedding or engagement) and as such the theme should represent you. Look at the different colours and styles that you are into and whether these can be transformed into a theme for an event. The theme needs to be personal to you and something that resonates with you. Think about what makes you and your partner happy and whether that can be turned into a theme for your event. Check out our pintrest for lots of themes and ideas……Raise the Roof Marquees Pintrest



Look at different colours together and see whether they make a good combo. A theme can be as simple as a few different colours that work well together. You can create very elegant themes by just using different colours together. Your colours can then be not only used in the decorations of the wedding but also in the bouquets of flowers and in the decoration of the cake.


Choose what makes you happy

The most important thing when choosing the theme for your next event is to choose something that makes you happy. Do not choose a theme just because someone else told you it will look good, or because that kind of theme is trending at the moment. Choosing your theme is important to you and to your event so it needs to be something that will make you happy and that you can look back on and be confident with the decision that you made.

Choose a theme that brings out a piece of you in it. Something that when people look at it that will go ‘yep that is so her’

Choose a theme that will make your memories of the event ones to remember and that you will cherish for years to come.


If you need help with choosing the best theme for your next event, try speaking with an event planner. They not only have experience in this field they also know who and where to contact in order to make the theme come to life. You can find my planning services here- Planning services

And lastly – enjoy the process of choosing your theme. Don’t let it become too stressful. Have fun with it! 

Emma x