a Catering a wedding can seem like a daunting task with so many options avaliable, thats why we have taken a look at a English traditional tea to get your mouths watering.

Since the early 1800s afternoon tea has been a key tradition in the upper classes. Usually eaten between 4pm and 6pm this delicious meal can include sandwiches, scones (both savoury and sweet) and of course patisserie such as cakes, pastries or tarts. 

Tiered Afternoon Tea Stands by Green Fig Catering

Luckily, the trend of afternoon tea caught on and now we can all enjoy it! Whether you’ve had traditional afternoon tea at a local hotel or have been to a specialist tea room, we all have our favourite elements of the spread. 

But, have you considered afternoon tea as a catering option for your event? 

If you want to step away from the formality for a three course sit down meal then this could be for you! 

Think a long table full of mouth-watering goodness creating a visual treat as well as a tasty one; a meal your guests will never forget. 

At most events it’s unlikely that all guests will know each other, and a ‘help yourself’ table can be a great ice breaker to get everyone talking.

Cake Stand from Betty Loves Vintage


Even if it’s just “Pass the jam please!”, it opens up the lines of communication and guests start to feel more comfortable and discuss what they’re eating, how they know you and what they’ve loved about the day so far. 

Presentation is key for an afternoon tea. Styling, colours, plates, napkins and even the food itself can be designed to fit in with any theme. 

Perhaps your event is at a large country estate with vast gardens to gaze over as you stuck into a sumptuous fruit scone? Then fine bone china cups and saucers with tiered cake stands would be perfect.

Maybe you’ve chosen a rustic barn and want a really relaxed feel? Then visualise your thick cut sandwiches coming out on dark wooden chopping boards and wooden rounds. 

Wooden Board by Green Fig Catering

Working with us allows you to see your visions become a reality. At Raise The Roof, we want you to have the day you’ve always dreamt of! 

But the age old question still stands – jam before cream or cream before jam? 

Let us know what you think!

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