So you’ve decided on a marquee for your wedding or event and have begun gathering marquee hire quotes. Already you’ve probably realized that there are many types of marquee to choose from, And that they are available at a wide variety of price points too.

We hope that this blog will help you to make an executive decision when choosing a marquee suited to you and your needs. Noted below are a few pointers about collecting quotes, what you should prepare to be asked by the companies you are planning to work with for that very special marquee occasion.  Once you have all your marquee hire quotes you will see that the quotes vary as much as the marquees do; request our full marquee hire guide to find out more information during your search to hire a marquee.

Why are marquee hire quotes so varied?

Marquee hire is such a blank canvas as you are potentially designing your very own event space. There are so many styles of marquees on the hire market this means that marquee hire quotes will vary supplier to supplier, depending on the quality of their marquee they are hiring and the style. The term tent (which we hate, tents are for sleeping in!) and marquee are more a cover term for these amazing purpose built structures that can be designed to your specific style. Flimsy pole/party tents are not as sturdy as a clear span marquee, yet they are advertised as being such, these are a cheap and nasty version of a clear span marquee so do not be fooled by the name – its like clothes you order from a Chinese mailing store online and you get a dress that barley covers your butt! You order your dress online from Ted Baker you know it’s going to be top quality and last a lifetime not just the night out! 

Then you have the experience and skill factors thrown into the mix, the more experienced and skilled the company is the price tag will be reflective of this, but i can guarantee you those guys will leave your property as they found it! As my old dad would say…. ‘you get what you pay for’ so don’t just focus on the price make sure you know what’s important to you and what you want included in your quote.

Understand your quotes fully!

Ok so you have all your quotes in front of you, a large glass of wine and your pen at the ready to make notes, but wait some of them look so much more expensive than others and you can’t work out why or what the difference is between them, they look exactly the same in style, Well at least you think they do. But you look a little closer and discover there not the same, the cheaper marquee does have linings, flooring and lighting but is made of a cheaper pole type frame!

The higher quote has included the linings, flooring and the lighting but is a much sturdier better quality clear span aluminum frame and because they know their stuff and have included other essentials such as generators and electrical hook ups, up lighters for the evening when the party starts, tables and chairs and so much more. 

Beware of quotes that are low in price, there are likely to be lots of ad ons once you’ve booked and realized you needed a catering tent! In the long run you may even end up stung and paying far more than the more expensive quote you received.

What will the marquee hire company want to know from you?

In our eyes a marquee company that is worth having will want to know as much as they can about you and your event ideas. After all were not just putting up tents!! If they aren’t asking you tons of questions about your event then be very aware, If there is no care and attention to your needs will there be on the day or put into the build of your marquee. 

What we would ask our clients in our consultation call….. 

1. How may guests do you expect to have at the event? 

2. Would you like a seated or standing do? 

3. What is your event? Wedding, birthday bash or maybe it’s a corporate diner and dance

4. Will you be dancing in the evening and require a dance floor? 

5. Will you need space or staging for a band or DJ?

6. Do you have a location for your marquee? Yes, will it be on grass or hard standing No — do you need us to find you one? 

7. Are you planning on having caterers at your event? Do you need caterers and catering marquee facilities? 

8. Have you organized any outside luxury toilets yet? 

These are the most common questions and at very least the basic of what the company should be asking you. If you have pictures you’ve gathered from Pinterest (click here for ours) then send these over and describe exactly what it is you want from your marquee, after all it’s your event done your way, that is the whole point of having a marquee.

Site visits

Once you have decided on the marquee supplier you will use ensure they arrange a site visit, where they will look at the space you are wishing to put your marquee.They will then measure out the space to ensure its in exactly the right position for you, and offer their advice as to what they think would work the best for you, your guests and any planners or coordinators you may have on board (we do this also check out our planning page here

They will then show you layout ideas, furniture, interior design options and even carpet colours to choose from, your event is unique and one size does not fit all, the company should have a vast array of options available to you not just one chair type and one flooring (alarm bells again)

This also gives you the opportunity to meet your suppliers in person and really get a feel for them, the company and their level of expertise. In my case I have been arranging events for 16 years so it’s second nature to me, but some may then stumble at this point. If they stumble now what will the run up to your event be like. 

Once they have been and gone you should then be sent a series of more accurate quotes detailing everything you need or wanted, form here you should be able to make your executive decision. 

Good luck and if you need any further advise then please do just give Simon or I a call…

01323 382868 or email

Emma x