Whether you are planning a birthday party, a wedding or an engagement party it is always a good idea to have a theme for the event. Having a set theme means that you are able to create an atmosphere and tone for the event that is not only fun but shows a piece of you throughout the theme. There are so many different themes that you can use for your next event. It can be as simple as a certain group of colours that you would like to use or you can go all out and do a theme that relates to something such as a movie or era in time. You can have a lot of fun with themes and it can make your event one not to forget.

But how do you pick a theme for your next event?



The first thing you need to do when it comes to choosing the theme for your wedding is to set your budget. Knowing what you have available to spend on the different aspects of your wedding will help to determine the theme that you are able to achieve. As much as we want to say the sky is the limit, especially if it is a wedding you are planning – you still need to work within your means and your budget for the event. You can still have a magical day without spending more than you can afford.


Choose your venue

The next step before choosing the theme for your event is to choose where you are going to have it. By choosing the venue first it will help you to determine what you can and can not do in the location. This can alter the type of theme that you are looking at having. There is a lot of set up and decoration involved with choosing a theme so you need to have a venue where you can do this set up and decoration without too much hassle. 


Think about yourself

This is your event (and your partners if it is a wedding or engagement) and as such the theme should represent you. Look at the different colours and styles that you are into and whether these can be transformed into a theme for an event. The theme needs to be personal to you and something that resonates with you. Think about what makes you and your partner happy and whether that can be turned into a theme for your event. Check out our pintrest for lots of themes and ideas……Raise the Roof Marquees Pintrest



Look at different colours together and see whether they make a good combo. A theme can be as simple as a few different colours that work well together. You can create very elegant themes by just using different colours together. Your colours can then be not only used in the decorations of the wedding but also in the bouquets of flowers and in the decoration of the cake.


Choose what makes you happy

The most important thing when choosing the theme for your next event is to choose something that makes you happy. Do not choose a theme just because someone else told you it will look good, or because that kind of theme is trending at the moment. Choosing your theme is important to you and to your event so it needs to be something that will make you happy and that you can look back on and be confident with the decision that you made.

Choose a theme that brings out a piece of you in it. Something that when people look at it that will go ‘yep that is so her’

Choose a theme that will make your memories of the event ones to remember and that you will cherish for years to come.


If you need help with choosing the best theme for your next event, try speaking with an event planner. They not only have experience in this field they also know who and where to contact in order to make the theme come to life. You can find my planning services here- Planning services

And lastly – enjoy the process of choosing your theme. Don’t let it become too stressful. Have fun with it! 

Emma x