Its the little things when planning a marquee wedding in sussex that matter most and having a party or event to celebrate a milestone is always a great way to get your family and friends involved.

It’s a way to bring everyone closer together, enjoy some good food and spend quality time enjoying yourselves. A lot of the time when we create these events we focus a lot on how we want it to look, what we want to achieve from it and how we feel throughout the event.

It is important to also make sure that you are thinking about your guests for the event as well. They are taking time out of their busy lives to come and celebrate with you, so it is a good idea to try and make sure that they are comfortable and enjoying themselves as well.

Read below for our tips on a few small touches that you can add to your next event to make your guests a bit more comfortable.


Meal Arrangements

When you send out the invites to your event along with the RSVP card, it is a good idea to also add in a meal card where they can list any allergies or intolerances that they have and post it back to you.

This means that you will be able to request a meal for them that is suitable for them to be able to eat without any issues. The last thing you want is for everyone around a guest to be eating and them not able to because they can not tolerate the food in front of them.


Conversation Starters

At many events you will have family and friend from all over coming together. In alot of cases there may be people on the same table who do not know each other. A great way to help them become more comfortable at their table and get them chatting with the people around them is with conversation starters. Create conversation starters on small pieces of paper and have them in a bowl in the middle of the table. They then pick one out and read it to another person on the table. This gets them all talking and learning new things about each other.


Do the rounds

When you are hosting an event, it is always a good idea to do the rounds of the event and take the time to stop and chat with each person who has taken the time to come. This shows them how much you appreciate them and the effort they have put in to coming to celebrate with you.

It will also help them to feel more comfortable especially if they are on a table with people they do not know very well. A familiar, happy face and conversation will do wonders for their comfort levels.


Party flips not flops! 

We all know that an event means a chance for the ladies to get dressed up and make themselves look pretty. However once the night starts to progress the feeling of wearing high heels starts to wear off and regret starts to sink it (you know what I am talking about don’t you?)

Having a selection of new flipflops in a basket at the event is a great way to help everyone feel comfortable and help with getting them out on the dance floor.

You can even buy the flipflops in a colour matching the theme of your event so that they even look the part!


Photo Booth

Photo Booths are becoming very popular at events and for a great reason. They get every one up and having fun. You are able to go into the booth and choose different costumes, hats and signs to use in your photo. It gives them a chance to let loose and be comfortable. Each guest then gets their own copy of the photos which they can use to start a conversation back at the table before taking home to remember the event.


Remember when having an event it is important to think about the people that are going to be there celebrating with you. It is more than just ‘your day’ and ensuring everyone including you and your guests are enjoying themselves is going to make it just that much better.


Emma x

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