About us

Kent marquee hire at its best.

We organise and provide marquee hire and events across Kent, Sussex, Surrey and London and can provide traditional marquees as well as panoramic styles

We know how much hard work goes into planning, pitching and perfectly presenting a marquee, and the thought and attention to detail that goes into the designing, dressing and on-the-day co-ordination of a big event. We take all of this stress away from our clients as standard, and so we didn’t fancy spending the days in the run up to the most special day of our lives working that hard! Could we have asked another company to do it for us? We could have done, but we know that with the best will in the world, it wouldn’t have been quite as spectacular as having one of our own marquees…because marquee hire and events is what we do best!

Here’s a little bit of info about the people who put the family into our family business…


The solid foundation…

Simon @ Raise the Roof marquee hire and events

When it comes to the practical, hands-on side of all we do at Raise the Roof, I’m your man! I lead on everything from site visits to set-up, making sure your marquee is built and finished to the highest standards possible. Sure, your marquee will be stylish and suited to your tastes, but just as importantly, it’ll be safe, solid and secure to ensure your guests can party away with complete peace of mind. We’ve all seen the YouTube video of that rogue wedding guest pole dancing around a marquee pillar…

It may sound geeky, but I’m fascinated by mechanics, and have this drive (haha) to get to the bottom of how things work. This is why Emma and I love clients to come to us almost prepared to be disappointed by the fact that “a marquee probably won’t work” for what they want.

Let me tell you that at Raise the Roof, yes it will!

Marquee hire and events is what we do we live it and breah it every single day our passion shows that in everything we do.

For us, even better than being invited to the party of the year, is being involved in the planning of the party of the year. Our testimonials from our lovely clients show our enthusiasm, so don’t forget to check them out HERE: