Why choose a clear marquee for your event? There is something magical about having your party or event outside. Being close to nature, the fresh air, the green grassy areas around for kids to run a muck on and have fun. If you’ve never had an outside event – definitely add it to your bucket list!

However having an event outside comes a few risks. Obviously weather is a big component. There is always the risk that the weather will not do what you want it to do. That’s why a marquee is perfect for your event.

In most cases, people tend to use classic white ones. They do have an elegant look about them and almost any colour scheme will look good. If you’re having an event outdoors why would you not want to see it? By having a clear marquee, you get to see all your surroundings.

Why use a clear marquee?

Using a marquee means that you can still have your event outside but you are undercover. It prevents the event being ruined or disrupted due to weather conditions. Using a marquee means that you can have an event outdoors at anytime of year – whether it is boiling hot or freezing cold you can still manage an outdoor event.


What are the benefits of a clear marquee?

The main benefit of using a marquee is that you are shielded from the weather. It means  your event can continue into the night without people becoming too cold and uncomfortable. Marquees can be equipped with heating or air conditioning depending on the conditions that you are in and need to cater for. Lighting and other electricals can all be added to the marquee as well, meaning you do not need to move venues for different parts of the event.

Another reason we love a marquee event is that it means you are not left with a house or hall that needs a lot of cleaning up afterwards. Everything is contained within the marquee area and it makes for the clean up and pack up to be a lot more simple.

Why a clear marquee?

We are loving the clear marquee’s and recommend anyone who has an outdoor event to consider one. Using a clear marquee means you still experience a lot of the outdoors from inside your event. You are able to look out the panoramic windows and see the trees and  flowers outside. You can see the birds and butterflies flying around and you feel at one with nature.

Using a clear marquee also has a very magical feel to it – especially if you are having an event in the late afternoon leading into the evening. There is nothing more magical than sitting around a table with your friends or family and watching the sunset around you. After the sunset has finished you will have the stars and moon shining down on you throughout the night. If this isn’t a perfect way to celebrate a milestone I don’t know what is!

Another reason that clear marquees are one of our favourites is because even though you are using a marquee to escape the weather conditions you are still able to see them and appreciate them. Soft music playing with the sound of rain pattering down in the background, or the warmth of the sun coming through the walls makes for a great feeling throughout your event.

Planning your next event

If you are planning to be outside and use a marquee, don’t jump straight for the white one. Look at the options available and if there is a clear one that you can get, definitely consider it.

With this option you can create a magical backdrop to your event, natural lighting from the sun and then the stars and moon and be one with the environment around you. Plus chances are you will be the first in your group of friends to do it – so it will be a talking point for a long time to come.


Good luck with your planning.

Emma x

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